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Ages 18 months to 18 years old


  • developmental delays

  • fine motor skills

  • gross motor skills

  • learning challenges

  • ADHD

  • play skills & social interactions

  • visual processing

  • sensory processing

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Anxiety 


  • Primitive Reflex intergration 2023

  • Pediatric Yoga – 2014,2022

  • Child Play Seminar – 2015,2022

  • ASD: Making the Connection Certification- 2014

Services Offered

Occupational therapy helps children function better physically and mentally.

It is a team effort!  Carryover and involvement by the child’s parent/caregiver is strongly encouraged throughout treatment. 

Screening & Consultation

  • An OT "screen" is a "hands-off" look to identify a child's needs and possible potential with the determination to see if they would benefit from skilled OT services.

  • Not covered by insurance; private pay only

  • 30- 60 minutes

  • Assessment of concerns

  • Non-standardized assessments

Sensory Integration Treatment

Sensory integration is a specialty area of occupational therapy that is based on over 40 years of theory and research. The term “sensory integration” refers to:

  • The way the brain organizes sensations for engagement in occupation

  • A theory based on neuroscience that provides perspective for appreciating the sensory dimensions of human behavior

  • A model for understanding the way in which sensation affects development

  • Intervention strategies that enhance [renhance processing and engagement in daily life for individuals.


  • Standardized and/or non-standardized assessments used

  • Parent/caregiver interview(s)

  • Clinical observation

  • Written detail of results

  • Treatment plans are created specifically to the child's needs and interests

Individual Treatment Session

A typical therapy session can range from 30 to 45 minutes of play-based activities, once to twice weekly depending on the child’s need.  A variety of sensory integration equipment, games, and strategies are used by the therapist to provide a holistic approach as well as to maintain the child’s engagement and interest.  Sessions will balance the child’s preferred activities with tasks that challenge them to support growth and independence.  My OT lens focuses on observing your child as they engage in these activities along with task analysis while making modifications to help them reach their potential. 

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